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I have a C# application which is crashing for unknown reason.

For understanding the issue, i want to take a dump file for it.

How can i do it?

many thanks,


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Why just don't debug your application so you can easily lookup the execution path and variables –  RvdK Nov 12 '09 at 9:59

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Are you talking about taking a minidump when your application crashes so you can debug it with windbg or cdb ?

If yes, there are different approaches:

-Run drwtsn32 -i at the commandprompt, this will activate dr watson and let it listen in the background for all crashes.

-Run windbg -I from the commandpromt starting from the installation folder of Windbg.
-When a crash occurs, windbg will immediately load the crash dump.

Make sure you download and install the Debugging tools for Windows first.

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If you're using Windows Vista/7 or Server 2008, then you can open Task Manager and manually create a dump file, as explained here. I would recommend using Windbg for catching the crash, as Mez suggested, since then you can perform immediate crash dump analysis on the process.

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You must catch the exception and output it to a log file in your main.


static int main()
  catch (Exception ex)
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He asked for a dump file. If you want to be notified about exceptions, AppDomain.UnhandledException is a better choice. –  Patrik Nov 12 '09 at 13:51

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