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I'm newbie in jython please find my learing environment details

JYTHON : Jython 2.5.4rc1 (2.5:723492dbab02, Feb 8 2013, 09:50:55) JAVA : [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (Oracle Corporation)] on java1.7.0_01 PYTHON : Python 3.3 IDE : PyDev on Juno Service Release 1 OS : Windows 7, 64 bit

While trying to run a program which I took from the internet. This program expects some inputs from the end user (C, M or X) something like :

enterPlayer = input("Would you like to create a team or manage an existing team?\n (Enter 'C' for create, 'M' for manage, 'X' to exit) ") This workks fine if run this program with python (using pydev). But if run this as a jython, the program breaks down and if I print the enterPlayer [print (enterPlayer.upper())] variable (the varable which stores the input from the user) the value is shown as "__PYCLASSPATH__/".

i.e the program works as intended if i choose python otherwise (jython) it breaks.

Please help

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input : raw_input = Python 3.x : Python 2.x

If you want to run your program both in Python 3.x and Python 2.x (Jython 2.x), Put following lines at the beginning of your program.

import sys
if sys.hexversion < 0x3000000:
    input = raw_input
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Thanks for the quick answer, I tried the same way as you suggested. Its works fine now. Thanks. But my editor (pydev) gives me an error saying that raw_input is an undefined variable. Is there a way to correct this issue? –  kallada Jun 20 '13 at 11:24
replace raw_input to eval('raw_input'). This will make pydev happy, but not good. Maybe there is some editor setting to suppress variable check... (guess) –  falsetru Jun 20 '13 at 11:27
Thanks again, it works (with your warning). Aslo tried with the option Window -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Editor -> Code Analysis -> Undefined -> Undefined Variable From Import -> Ignore but this does not help me to remove the error marker. Any ways will try to find it out. –  kallada Jun 20 '13 at 11:39

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