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I am following the tutorial at for Kohana 3.3

The following code is at classes/http/exception/404.php

    class HTTP_Exception_404 extends Kohana_HTTP_Exception_404 {
        public function get_response(){
            $view = View::factory('errors/404');
            $view->message = $this->getMessage();
            $response = Response::factory()
            return $response;

When trying to give an incorrect url like


The following error comes up

ErrorException [ Parse Error ]:
APPPATH\classes\http\exception\404.php [ 3 ]
1 <?php
2 class HTTP_Exception_404 extends Kohana_HTTP_Exception_404 {
{PHP internal call} » Kohana_Core::shutdown_handler()

In bootstrap.php the code for init is

    'base_url'   => '/myapp/',
    'errors' => TRUE,
    'index_file' => FALSE,

How can I fix this? Thanks.

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A couple of things to check:

  • Does the errors/404 view exist at APPPATH/views/errors/404.php?
  • Does the class filepath and name use StudlyCaps APPPATH\Classes\HTTP\Exception\404.php?
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Rename directory with a capital letter classes/HTTP/Exception/404.php

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