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I'm using jRuby and Celluloid (default task_class so it should be fibers).

I am wrapping my DB stuff in ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection, but it's possible I might have missed it somewhere (how to find that out anyway?).

I sometimes get ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError errors, and I want to avoid this. In theory my database.yml pool setting should be high enough for the amount of threads that I have.

What's the proper way to use ActiveRecord in (real) threading situations? If possible I would love to avoid ActiveRecord automatically checking out connections when I don't explicitly use ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection. Note that this is a background app, not a traditional Rails app which would serve web clients.

I am using jRuby and Rails 4 rc1. For DB I am using a production-level Postgres on Heroku, so performance of DB should not be an issue.

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If you are deploying your app on Heroku (which I am assuming here, as you are using Heroku Postgres) then your database.yml file will be overwritten when you deploy your app.

Heroku injects a new database.yml that is designed to parse the DATABASE_URL environment variable, so none of your settings would apply in production.

There is an article about this in the Heroku Devcenter.

Essentially you need to update the active record configuration and re-establish the connection after your app has loaded. A nice benefit of that approach is that you can easily change your connection pool without doing an additional deploy, you simply run:

heroku config:add DB_POOL=24

And the app gets restarted with the new pool level.

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Although this is good info, it doesn't apply. I am not hosting on Heroku (except the DB). Thanks anyway though. – mrbrdo Jun 20 '13 at 14:56

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