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I am running in to a little error when I show all posts on the welcome page: index.HTML.erb. It works but my problem is that I get this snippet of code at the bottom of every post:

[#<Post id: 1, title: " Is The Death Of JavaScript Upon Us, Or Is A Univer...", 
image_url: "javascript.jpg", video_embed: "", category: "Article", 
content: "<p><strong>Editor&#8217;s note:</strong> <em>Péter ...", 
teasable_string: "", user_id: nil, created_at: "2013-06-19 14:09:13", 
updated_at: "2013-06-19 14:15:17", day: "19", month: "Jun 2013">] 

I have looked for a solution but have found nothing yet. I have tried looking at ActiveRecord but I did not find anything.

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It looks like you're accidentally printing an Array object. maybe you used <%= %> instead of <% %> – yoavmatchulsky Jun 20 '13 at 11:18
Just show us code in your index.HTML.erb – Yevgeniy Anfilofyev Jun 20 '13 at 11:32
@yoavmatchulsky was right i had <%= %> instead of <% %> and it was giving me an array. thanks for the help. – user1602683 Jun 20 '13 at 14:59
In general - it's a good idea to include the actual code that's causing the problem. In this case, some people were able to guess what might have been causing the problem... but a other times it would be much more difficult for us to guess, and really, we shouldn't have to guess. if you want help, in future, please include the code that is causing the problem. – Taryn East Mar 13 '14 at 23:35
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It looks like you're accidentlly printing an Array object.

Your code probably has something like this:

<%= @objects.each do |object| %>

instead of (without the = sign):

<% @objects.each do |object| %>

This will iterate the @objects array, but will also print out the return value of the each loop (which is the array itself).

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