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I'm using breeze to sort results of my queries and also do paging/counts. I noticed that when I use orderBy with a property that is part of the entity it works fine (ex. orderBy('description')). However, when I use a related property with orderBy the inline count is null (ex. orderBy('vendor.name')). Looking at the responses I see:

With a native property:

{"$id":"1","$type":"Breeze.WebApi.QueryResult, Breeze.WebApi","Results":[lots of stuff],"InlineCount":63}

With a related property:

[lots of stuff]

It returns just the results portion, which still seems to work, but the inline count ends up as null. My requests all look something like this:

$filter: [bunch of stuff]
$orderby:Vendor/Name desc (or Description desc)

Can anyone else reproduce, or am I doing something wrong?

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Updated 8/13/2013

As of Breeze v 1.4.1 available now, this has been fixed.

We were able to reproduce the problem and it appears to be a bug. We are working on a fix.

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