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I am taking over the ownership of a git repository which only has a master branch. I intend in branching a develop branch and drastically changing the repo structure.

If I do this and then merge back into the master. Should I be using the 'ours' merge strategy to just forcibly use my branch in merge conflicts instead of master.

Or would there be another preferred approach? Quite often in the past if I try to merge a drastically changed branch with the master branch in order to push to live, conflicts inevitable arise.

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What about creating a new branch off of master and renaming them? Agree w/ @TimWolla that conflicts should not occur unless there are content changes in two separate branches and you attempt to merge them. You can switch between branches w/o merging as long as you don't have unstaged changes. –  rynmrtn Jun 20 '13 at 11:59

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Conflicts only arise if the base branch was changed in the meantime as well.

Depending on what changes you would expect you should not use ours as it may throw away valuable changes. If you don't care: Go for it.

The best way would be ensuring that no or only few, easily mergable, commits happens in master in the meantime.

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