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I'm trying to move a database from a remote server at a web hosting company (meaning I have no control of the server) to my new own server running SQL Server Express 2012. To do this, I am using SQL Server Import/Export Wizard. However, the identity columns om my source database isn't set as identity columns on the destination database. I have tried to enable the Enable identity insert tick in the wizard, but the columns are still not created as identity columns in the destination.

How should I do this to get the same database with the same schema on my destination server? The source database server is SQL Server 2008.

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Is there any reason why you are not using detaching/attaching the databases or better yet do a full backup and a restore?

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I'm not able to detach the, since I don't have control over the source server. However I was able to do a full backup and restore it on the destination server, so thank you! –  Anton Gildebrand Jun 20 '13 at 12:53

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