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I have a BeagleBone-like device and have enabled CDC ACM so I can login using USB. That part works just fine, but I can't figure out how to redirect the kernel messages, so I can see the messages during the login. Normally I have the kernel output at /dev/tty01 and logging in using this serial port works fine, also with kernel output. The CDC ACM device is called /dev/ttyGS0.

It would be fine just to be able to redirect kernel messages after login.

I have tried stuff like:

dmesg | tail -f
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You could add another console=ttyGS0,<mode> to your kernel command line to log to the serial port.

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Unfortunately that does not work because the device ttyGS0 is ready to late. I found out that it takes a patch and a delay in init/main (as fare as I remember). I think I have to live with a solution lige the dmesg | tail -f and so fare I do. I appreciate you answer, so thank you! – Michael Jul 3 '13 at 9:50

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