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I want to track social actions in Google Analytics. I know I must use the following snippet, placed within the current analytics tag:

ga('send', {
  'hitType': 'social',
  'socialNetwork': 'facebook',
  'socialAction': 'like',
  'socialTarget': 'http://mycoolpage.com',
  'page': '/my-new-page'

My question is this: Where do I place the snippet within the tag?

Correct placement might be after _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); and before (function() but I am not certain.

Also, will I need to repeat this snippet per social network?

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This code is only for the new GA API version (Universal Analytics).

You should use this documentation:

The correct placement of this code is with trigger of each social network.

Here is an example for Facebook and Twitter:

And as the example, there is a code for each social network.

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