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Please i need a quick support/help.

I came to the office this morning, and i could not start apache, i found out that some files were missing. SO i decided to unistall xampp and reinstall it. However, i already backed up "mysql" folder and httdocs folder.

Now when i finished the new installation, i restored the mysql/data folder to the new installation mysql director.

Now the database for my project has MYIsam and INNoDB tables. When i lunched phpmyadmin, i could only see the MYIsam tables but the INNoDB tables didnt display.

Please can anybody help me on how to show those tables with INNodb..

AM working on a big project and i cant afford to loss my database.

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Ok!!!!! If anyone faces this problem, Please kindly use this link. Follow the process as it was described.

In my own case, it worked for me perfectly.

Im so much happy right now.

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Fixed my problem too. Thanks, spatanx. –  Kobus Myburgh May 17 '14 at 10:08

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