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My main.html template contains the following code:

<p>{% include "pouac.html" %}{% include "pouac.html" %}</p>

The pouac.html file contains a single line:


The main.html template produces the following two lines of html code:


The nasty side effect is that this code produces some white space between the two "pouac" words (e.g: "word1" and "word2" are separated by a whitespace in

In order to get rid of this whitespace, I would like to render a Django template without adding an extranuous line break. How can I do that?

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You can use the spaceless [1] template tag.

{% spaceless %}{% include "pouac.html" %}{% include "pouac.html" %}{% endspaceless %}


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You may want to wrap it in Django's built-in `spaceless' template tag:

<p>{% spaceless %}{% include "pouac.html" %}{% include "pouac.html" %}{% endspaceless %}</p>
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