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How do I get the CSS property top from a element in javascript.

I have tried document.getElementById(element).offsetTop however this always returns 0. When I have set top: 500px; in the CSS of element.

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google for currentStyle.top and getComputedStyle(). –  anddoutoi Nov 12 '09 at 11:53

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offsetTop gets the position of the element on the page (relative to an offsetParent, which is any positioned element or occasionally some other types of element) in pixels as a Number.

style.top gets the String value of the top property in style="top: 500px" inline attributes only.

If you want to get a top style value that has been set from a stylesheet, you can't use style.top which will just return '' to tell you top hasn't been set in the style attribute. Instead there is window.getComputedStyle which is defined by DOM Level 2 Style, and element.currentStyle which is used by IE. (Older browsers won't support either.)

var top= (window.getComputedStyle?
    window.getComputedStyle(element, null).getPropertyValue('top') :
    element.currentStyle? element.currentStyle.top : '0'

There are usually better ways around that don't involve trying to read stylesheets.

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offsetTop returns the top offset to the node lower in the tree that has position:relative; or position:absolute; set.

Do you have the parent's position set to relative or absolute?

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