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I am currently in the process of migrating a mediawiki to sharepoint.

I've created a dump of the wiki pages and am now in the process of modifing the files for a seamless import into a sharepoint wiki.

The last problem remaining is that the address of the pages have changed, so the links in the .html files won't work anymore.

The links are currently in the following format:


The format i want to get to is:


I can replace the first part (../../../a/b/c/) with sed.

The problem I'm facing lies in the second part (sitename.html). I want to keep sitename but replace the .html extension with .aspx. The method used should be applicable to different sitenames so that I don't have to add an extra sed command for every sitename.

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Are there other similar looking URLs such as ../../../a/b/c/not-a-sitename.html where the .html suffix needs to be left untouched? – Jonathan Leffler Jun 20 '13 at 14:11

One way with awk:

awk -F/ '/\.html/{sub(/\..*/,"",$NF); print "http://host/sites/site/wiki/"$NF".aspx"}' htmlfile
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Try this GNU sed,

echo "../../../a/b/c/whateversitename.html" | sed 's#\(../../../a/b/c/\)\(.*\)\.html#http://host/sites/site/wiki/\2.aspx#g'
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sed can work with multiple expressions, so if you are using one sed, you just add another expression to that, not another sed

[[bash_prompt$]]$ cat log
[[bash_prompt$]]$ sed -e 's#../../../a/b/c#http://host/sites/site/wiki#g'  \
>  -e 's#html$#aspx#g' log

Adding in a single expression

[[bash_prompt$]]$sed -e 's#../.*/\([^.]*\).html#http://host/sites/site/wiki/\1.aspx#g' log
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