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I've hit a wall and needed some help or advice to get me through.

I want to append certain strings always apppend to the end of a list.

So we have

List1 = ["sony","cant recall","samsung","dont know","apple","no answer", "toshiba"]

Next we have another list

List2 = ["dont know", "cant recall","no answer"] 

Here is what I've developed so far. The script basically checks if the word in List 1 is in List 2, if found, that particular string should be moved from its current location in the list to the end. But all I can do for now is find the string and its index. I dont know how to move and append the found string to the end of the list.

for p, item in enumerate(list1):
    for i, element in enumerate(list2):
        if item == element:
            print item, p


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You can do your algorithm like:

 list1 = [x for x in list1 if not x in list2] + [x for x in list1 if x in list2]

which will result in:

['sony', 'samsung', 'apple', 'toshiba', 'cant recall', 'dont know', 'no answer']
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lst_result = set(lst1) | set(lst2)

Removes duplicates from the lists as a side effect. Not sure if you want it, but looks like it's assumed.

To keep the ordering:

lst1 = ["sony","cant recall","samsung","dont know","apple", "toshiba"]
lst2 = ["dont know", "cant recall","no answer"]

stripped = list(filter(lambda x: x not in lst2,lst1))
lst_result = stripped + lst2
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Here's one way of doing it:

for item in list1:
    if item in list2:
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That works, great! Thanks. –  Boosted_d16 Jun 20 '13 at 14:22
Be careful, this won't work if you have two consecutive items from list1 in list 2 (try with list1 = ["sony","cant recall","dont know", "samsung", "apple", "no answer", "toshiba"]) for example. Directly removing an item from a list while iterating it is not the best solution. –  Pierre Jun 20 '13 at 14:36

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