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I'm new to Clojure and I'm having issues with Monger.

I'm trying to user Monger with Friend. I have this ns:

(ns cemerick.friend-demo.users
  (:require [cemerick.friend.credentials :refer (hash-bcrypt)]))

(def users (atom {"friend" {:username "friend"
                            :password (hash-bcrypt "clojure")
                            :pin "1234" ;; only used by multi-factor
                            :roles #{::user}}
                  "friend-admin" {:username "friend-admin"
                                  :password (hash-bcrypt "clojure")
                                  :pin "1234" ;; only used by multi-factor
                                  :roles #{::admin}}
(derive ::admin ::user)

When I try to add this to database using Monger with

(mc/insert "users"  {:username "friend",
                     :password "$2a$10$YGcqRFL67J5NDo7hfkVslerDYc1iIGBy0js871wxnXxOvdvJZ4Aua",
                     :pin "1234",
                     :roles #{:cemerick.friend-demo.users/user}})

Monger serializes #{:cemerick.friend-demo.users/user} as "user" Is there any way to put that value as is or is there any way to change "user" to #{:cemerick.friend-demo.users/user}?

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It's probably returning "user" because the name function returns only the name.

(name :cemerick.friend-demo.users/user)
;=> "user"

You could get away with calling str on each keyword before inserting them into the database.

(str :cemerick.friend-demo.users/user)
;=> ":cemerick.friend-demo.users/user"
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