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I have a ListActivity-based activity that uses a context menu for the items. After adding an EditText to the row of a ListView, the context menu stopped working, and also the item does not react on a click. It seems that it is blocked somehow by the focus of the EditText. I can enter the EditText value, but I cannot get the earlier context menu, and I cannot start another activity via clicking the item.

I have possibly found the related comment that says:

Android doesn't allow to select list items that have focusable elements (buttons). Modify the button's xml attribute to:


It should still be clickable, just won't gain focus...

... so I did the same for the EditText (I am not sure if the button case can be generalized for the EditText). Anyway, the item is clickable again, the context menu appears... However, the EditText part of the text stopped working now. (Actually, I did not implement the reaction to the EditText -- the keyboard simply does not appear.)

Is it possible to have the clickability of the list item and also make the EditText work the expected way?

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I don't know if this would help you but it is a post I've found when I was trying to use a ListView with buttons inside.

ListView Tips & Tricks #4: Add Several Clickable Areas

Hope this helps.

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I did not have time to implement the ideas from the Cyril Mottier's article, but it seems to be the right source of information. Thanks a lot. –  pepr Jun 26 '13 at 14:24

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