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I love to use Textmate on my Mac at home but have a hard finding somehing to use at work (windows).

What is the best editor to use for Ruby on Rails on windows that get you the closest look and feel to Textmate?

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You should try Intype. It is in the alpha stage, and currently does not have all the functions of TextMate, but it looks very promising. Take a look at the blog, the forums, and download the "unstable releases".

I currently use it every day on Windows for Ruby on Rails development and I am eager to test the next alpha release.

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E-Text Editor. Even compatible with TextMate's bundles.

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This has become too expensive... I bought a licence on V1 for 30 bucks a couple of months prior to the app going to v2. No upgrade possibilities of course so I'm left with an old buggy tool... – karlipoppins Sep 13 '11 at 19:18

RubyMine is by far the best out there:

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Netbeans (the java editor) is pretty good as well.

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The latest Netbeans version has removed support for Ruby on Rails – Rohit Apr 18 '11 at 7:02
@Rohit False. Its back according to this answer: – pinouchon Mar 26 '12 at 14:29

Ruby in Steel is fast with a simple UI. It can plug into Visual Studio 2005/2008, or if you don't have Visual Studio it can run in the Visual Studio 2008 Shell (which is free and comes bundled with Ruby in Steel).

I'm not sure how it compares to TextMate's functionality, but you can customise it to look kind of similar to TextMate. Here's a screen shot of my theme customisations.

alt text

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It's good except that you have to pay to use it after 2 months. – Calvin Jan 29 '13 at 9:48

Here is a list of editors that I tried and found adequate ( not IDEs thou) in no particular order:

Free ( as in beer, not necessarily speech) :

Not-free, trial / shareware available

IDEs ( I tried all of them but found them too much and getting in the way most of the time, mostly cause they are slow, even on my Windows 7 8-core 12gb RAM workstation):

Most of these are cross-platform, but some are not. Personally I liked Sublime so much - I got a licence for Sublime 2 and I'm using it both on my Windows and Mac systems - it really helps that I can use the same editor (hence conventions and shortcuts) on all systems. Before I used Textmate on my mac and Intype and Notepad on Windows and it was really annoying - I kept confusing shortcuts.

** Full Disclosure: I'm not in any way affiliated with Sublime Text editor - just a fan-boy :-)

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It very much depends on what you need. If you want a lightweight editor then InType is probably one of the best choices. Wait a little bit longer for the next version and you wont be disappointed, or so the authors say. It is a comercial application though.

If you like the comforts of an IDE then from what I have seen NetBean's with Ruby & Rails bundles is the best option. The debugger is quite fast and stable and the editor and IDE overhead is the best considering the choices. I am an Eclipse fan for Java work but on RoR field NetBeans won me over. And of course there is IDEA, but that one just costs too much.

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Aptana RadRails is a cross-platform IDE that will run on Windows

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I second the NetBeans suggestion, I tried several , including Eclipse and Aptana, and Netbeans is faster and it is easily configurable. Versions before 6.1 were not as stable as they are now, at least for windows.

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For ruby dev you should really consider getting 6.5 beta or even a nightly. – Marcin Gil Oct 8 '08 at 10:51

Update: I took a look at Intype and I must say I am VERY IMPRESSED. Better than RoRED or whatever, finally a TextMate look alike on Windows for FREE


I was googling for a good rails editor on Windows (of course TextMate for Mac wins) and along with this stackoverflow post I saw RoRED - it looks great. It seems PERFECT for RoR development on Windows

Hope this helps!

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Intype might be free now, but their FAQ says it will be priced at $25 - $45 once it's "finished". For more: – Luke Sampson Aug 27 '09 at 11:38
RoRED and the website appear to be defunct now. – Doug Porter Apr 25 '10 at 16:56

I would have to say UltraEdit.

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It's ok as an editor but not good for Ruby. – FortunateDuke Jul 20 '09 at 20:51

E Text Editor is a very good for programmers... =)

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RubyMine seems to have the best of all words so far - a good balance of speed, text-mate like features, easy customizability (colors etc.), and an easy to use but powerful template system.

Try the trial :)

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NetBeans is the most full featured and easy to use IDE for Windows. And it's completely FREE. I've previously tried intype, Eclipse with Aptana RadRails plugin, gvim, and FreeRIDE. I didn't like any of them. Either it was too complicated to setup or was way too limited for developings Rails.

Definitely give NetBeans a try if you're still looking for a Ruby editor. Unlike other IDEs (ahem Eclipse/RadRails), the installation was really simple. I still use Eclipse for Java development though, so I'm not a complete hater.

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PSPad, i wonder why no one suggested it. Has syntax highlighting for Ruby and Ruby on Rails. It's only editor , not ide, so if you want to start the server you need to do it manually

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Checkout "Redcar"

I love this editor, just use

gem install redcar

and get starting.

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Already suggested in this answer better put comment on that answer instead of whole new answer. – Shadow Wizard Feb 20 '12 at 12:15
Yeah he listed all Editors but the questions was: "What is the best editor" and i posted my dissenting opinion: Redcar! – SG 86 Feb 20 '12 at 12:43
Still, in my own opinion looks redundant. Can't see reason to post something already posted. – Shadow Wizard Feb 20 '12 at 12:46

One of the best for ROR: Sublime text And RubyMine

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I am using Aptana Studio for Rails.

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emacs,it's best editor for any OS。 See this video,you will love emacs. Install some plugin for emacs,it will be best dev tool for ruby on rails.

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For Windows, I stick with SciTE. If you prefer more IDE-type features, then FreeRIDE is a good choice, as is NetBeans (although a bit heavier). I have heard good things about Aptana, Redcar, and ScriptDev, but I have never used any of those myself.

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I absolutely love using emacs for ruby on rails. On both linux and windows. Combine emacs with these extensions and you will have one supercharged development environment ready.

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Rinari mode for Emacs is also one alternative.

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E Text Editor is the best I have seen.No words to describe it.

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I would recommend using Jetbrains

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WebMatrix with Helicon Zoo templates for rails . If you're developing on other frameworks (django,node.js,ASP.NET MVC) WebMatrix seems like the best solution and there's a new 2.0 version coming out pretty soon .

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