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What is a good way to do 2-D interpolation from a non-uniform grid in Matlab?

My problem is similar to the one under "Grid Approximation Techniques" in the interpolation documentation, but I'm wondering if there is a better solution than trying to make the grid effectively uniform, i.e. are there any standard functions/techniques that will allow me to interpolate my non-uniformly sampled data directly, without having to interpolate my sample points, so that I can then interpolate my data.

Although values of the rows/columns in my X,Y arrays that describe the x,y coordinates of the sample points of the function are monotonically increasing, they are non-uniformly spaced in the sense that X(i,j+1)-X(i,j) ~= X(i', j+1)-X(i',j). When I provide these arrays as the first two arguments to to interp2, Matlab complains that:

Error using interp2/makegriddedinterp (line 217)
Input grid is not a valid MESHGRID.

If it matters, my evaluation points XI, YI do form a proper meshgrid (the point is to interpolate my non-uniformly sampled data onto a uniform grid).

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Have a look at the scatteredInterpolant class, especially the 2D-example. –  Schorsch Jun 20 '13 at 15:07
And look at griddata –  pelesl Mar 1 at 0:56

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