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I am working now in a Windows Service Project and I am having a lot of headaches trying to debug the service, I found a lot of article on how to debug a service but none of them worked for me :( How to: Debug Windows Service Applications

There is no way after attach the process to enter in my breakpoints (set breakpoints everywhere)

Then I found another creating a windows form inside the project but that Solution is kind of dirty (but a solution).Testing a Windows Service From Within Visual Studio

So the real question is, is there any possible way to create a test project to test the service? (I don't have experience with testing, but I know is a good practice)

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Do you want to debug the service or code that service runs?

In the past I would create one project for a service, one project for a library that contains the logic, and one project for a console app that would be used to test and debug the logic locally. That setup covered most of the debugging needs.

Hope this helps!

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Sorry for the late response. I ended using this approach: Debugging Windows Services under Visual Studio .NET Is pretty much what everybody suggest to do, but in another way to do it. Thanks @AlexS – ddieppa Jul 5 '13 at 12:46

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