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The javadoc to expireAfterAccess method says:

Specifies that each entry should be automatically removed from the cache once a fixed duration has elapsed after the entry's creation, the most recent replacement of its value, or its last access. Access time is reset by all cache read and write operations (including Cache.asMap().get(Object) and Cache.asMap().put(K, V)), but not by operations on the collection-views of Cache.asMap

I have the following code:

Cache<String, String> cache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder()
                .expireAfterAccess(2, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
        ConcurrentMap<String, String> map = cache.asMap();
        map.put("a", "12345");
        System.out.println("First access: " + map.get("a"));
        System.out.println("Second access: " + map.get("a"));
        Thread.sleep(1900); //1.9 seconds
        System.out.println("Third access: " + map.get("a"));
        Thread.sleep(1000); //1 second
        System.out.println("Fourth access: " + map.get("a"));
        Thread.sleep(1500); //1.5 second
        System.out.println("Fivth access: " + map.get("a"));

And its output is:

First access: 12345
Second access: 12345
Third access: 12345
Fourth access: 12345
Fivth access: 12345

So, as we can see that access time is reseted also when we perform get operation on collection-view. What bolded phrase in javadoc means in such case?

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The doc you quote specifically states: "Access time is reset by all cache read and write operations (including Cache.asMap().get(Object)..." The docs state that you should get the results you're getting. –  Louis Wasserman Jun 20 '13 at 17:47

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operations on the collection-views of Cache.asMap

The collections exposed by Map that are views on the Cache are keySet(), values(), entrySet(). Iterating on any of those won't reset the access time, and neither will writing the value of a Map.Entry obtained through entrySet().

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