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I have an ant script which runs an interactive (that requires 2 user inputs) dos batch file using exec task. I tried using attributes 'inputstring' (having 2 inputs (space in between, & in between)) and 'input' (file having 2 entries)

Only the first input is provided by exec task to the batch file, the script waits indefinitely for the second input.

is there a way to provide multiple inputs through exec task (or) is there a dos command to provide inputs for an interactive mode batch?

Snippet 1:

<exec dir="F:/upgrade" executable="cmd.exe" failonerror="true" output="upgrade.out" inputstring ="no&amp;&amp;yes">                     
    <arg line="/c upgrade process F:/script"/>

Snippet 2:

<exec dir="F:/upgrade" executable="cmd.exe" failonerror="true" output="upgrade.out" input ="upgrade.input">                     
    <arg line="/c upgrade process F:/script"/>

Input File content

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which version of ms-dos does java run on? –  Mark Jun 23 '13 at 14:00
You should use input task => –  Rebse Mar 19 '14 at 9:37

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The trick is to simulate the press of "ENTER" into an single input. The code for "Enter" is the character '\n' in a lot of language. Its XML encoded form is the entity: &#x0A;.

So this should do the trick:

<exec dir="F:/upgrade" executable="cmd.exe" failonerror="true"
      output="upgrade.out" inputstring="no&#x0A;yes&#x0A;">                     
    <arg line="/c upgrade process F:/script"/>
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Thanks for your reply Nicolas. I tried the solution and it doesn't help the situation. –  Shankar Jun 20 '13 at 20:59

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