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I'm trying to create a custom SearchComponent for Solr based on the FacetComponent. In a nutshell, I just need a list of the same terms that would appear in the facet but, instead of just having a count of the documents containing that term in that given query, I need a custom function of that count and the docFreq for that term.

I've been looking through the code of the FacetComponent and see that it somehow uses the DocValuesFacets.getCount method, but it is hundreds of lines long, check for each kind of facet result I could possibly want, and I couldn't find where exactly the list of terms and their counts to build the facet is retrieved.

The fields I want to do my thing on are always singleValued, so I really just need something very simple, like:

private NamedList<Double> myCustomFacet(DocSet docs, String fieldName) {
    NamedList<Double> results = new NamedList<Double>();
    List<Term> terms = functionThatGetTheListOfTerms(docs, fieldName); //how do I get this?
    for (term: Terms){
        Integer numDocs = searcher.numDocs(new TermQuery(term), docs);
        Integer docFreq = searcher.docFreq(luceneTerm);
        results.add(term, myCustomMetric(numDocs, docFreq);
    return results;

so, given a DocSet and a field name, how do I retrieve the possible terms on that field for that DocSet?

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