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I work normal screen and I develop some web application. When the application goes on widescreen some of the pages looks weired. Is there any way I can view my web page as it looks in Widescreen on my normal screen.

Someway to either change resolution for only IE or is there any way (add-on in IE) that i can change resolution for on some instance.

Regards, Piyush

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Not a solution but a suggestion for good practice, when designing your web page don't rely on a particular screen width. You can design for a minimum screen width but don't rely on any particular width. If that's not the problem then perhaps you can describe what you mean by "looks weird" in more detail. –  Lazarus Nov 12 '09 at 12:39
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In IE8 press F12, then go tool > resize. Pick a size or enter a custom size.
This is the IE developer toolbar. I don't know if it's available standard in IE 7 but it is in IE8. it's also available as a seperate download.

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This online tool allows you to view websites in different screen resolutions: http://viewlike.us/

These firefox addons allow you to change resolutions on the fly, which is really helpful if a specific project your developing with a different resolution in mind: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-firefox-plugins-test-website-resolutions/


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To compensate for a widescreen, you may want to create a standard screen mode and a widescreen mode javascript. You would be able to tell if the page is wide screen or not by the ratio of the client HTML area wdith/height.

Another way to compensate for this: don't use percentage based widths and heights.

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You can always install another copy of Windows under VirtualBox and configure widescreen resolution

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