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I'm working with Solr 4.3 and it seems that the highlighting component doesnt work with filter queries (fq).

I have tested it with simple query field (q), and it worked perfectyly.

So how do I do to get highlighting in the fields in which I have searched using filter queries (fq)?

P.S : From this thread Filtered results highlighting with Solr 1.4, 1.5, I have concluded that this feature wasnt available in Solr 1.4. And I know that it's possible to do it manually in the client (UI).

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As a work around for this you can specify the query to use when highlighting via the hl.q parameter. This will allow you specify the query to be used just for highlighting purposes, in your case just include your filter query (fq) parameters as part of the normal query option(q). Since this only applies to the highlighting, it should not have any negative impact on your normal query performance, etc.

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