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Using Youtube API V3, I can extract the thumbnails of videos from a user's activity feed (using the activities list from the api).

What I am trying to achieve is, when the user clicks on the video, the video should be played. I have looked at iframes. however the activities list on the api, does not show how to get the url for the video, but a different the Videos resource shows a player.embedHtml field, however I am confused, how to integrate it to my code.

    var activityId, nextPageToken, prevPageToken, videoSnippet;

// Once the api loads call a function to get the uploads playlist id.
function handleAPILoaded() {

//Retrieve the uploads playlist id.
function requestUserUploadsactivityId() {
  // https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/channels/list
  var request = gapi.client.youtube.activities.list({
    // mine: '' indicates that we want to retrieve the channel for the authenticated user.
    home: 'true',
    part: 'snippet'
  request.execute(function(response) {
    //structure of content.details
    activityId = response.items[0].id;

// Retrieve a playist of videos.
function requestVideoPlaylist(home, pageToken) {
  var requestOptions = {
    home: 'true',
    part: 'snippet',
    maxResults: 12
  if (pageToken) {
    requestOptions.pageToken = pageToken;
  var request = gapi.client.youtube.activities.list(requestOptions);
  request.execute(function(response) {

    var activityItems = response.result.items;
    if (activityItems) {
      // For each result lets show a thumbnail.
      jQuery.each(activityItems, function(index, item) {

    } else {
      $('#video-container').html('Sorry you have no activities on your feed');

// Create a thumbnail for a video snippet.
function createDisplayThumbnail(videoSnippet) {
  var titleEl = $('<h4>');
  var thumbnailUrl = videoSnippet.thumbnails.default.url;
  var div = $('<div>');
  div.css('backgroundImage', 'url("' + thumbnailUrl + '")');
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The activities list includes several activity types :

upload, like, favorite, comment, subscription, playlistItem, recommendation, bulletin, social ..

and only some kind of activities are related to a video. Then you can only retrieve the videoId from the contentDetails when the type of activity is related to a video. You can use the videoId to show the video.


You have a good example in "YouTube Topic Explorer". In this App you can retrieve the social activities and retrieve the videoId from this kind of activities


$scope.social = function() {
    $rootScope.topicResults = [];

          method: 'GET',
          service: 'activities',
          params: {
                part: 'id,snippet,contentDetails',
                home: true,
                maxResults: constants.YOUTUBE_API_MAX_RESULTS
          callback: function(response) {
                  if ('items' in response) {
                          $scope.videoIds = [];
                          $scope.personalizedTopics = [];
                          angular.forEach(response.items, function(activity) {
                                if ((activity.snippet.type == constants.SOCIAL_TYPE)&&(activity.contentDetails.social.resourceId.videoId)){

and you have an example of how to show the video:


 function playVideo(container, videoId) {
    var width = container.offsetWidth;
    var height = container.offsetHeight;

    new YT.Player(container, {
      videoId: videoId,
      width: width,
      height: height,
      playerVars: {
        autoplay: 1,
        controls: 2,
        modestbranding: 1,
        rel: 0,
        showInfo: 0
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! thanks so much,is there a demo for this anywhere? also what does the getTopicsForvideoIds() method do? it looks a bit complicated. –  Dot Jun 22 '13 at 12:02
Check this project code.google.com/p/yt-topic-explorer Yes, it is a bit complicated because it shows how to integrate freebase API with YouTube Data API –  Matias Molinas Jun 22 '13 at 16:56

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