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I have to PC, one is server on Linux containing project files ( also build machine ) and another working desktop machine on WinXP. I want to create a project in Eclipse on my desktop machine without coping files to local machine, actually I want to be able to modify remote files and immediately run build, unlike modifying local files and synchronizing with remote project.Is it possible?


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Mount a volume through SAMBA?

That's what I used to do prior to moving to Linux only.

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One caveat with using Samba mounts with Eclipse: if you are using libraries (like Google's licensing code, etc) there are problems with Samba mounts. I couldn't get my project to work (using WinXP with a FreeBSD file server) with the licensing library (I would add the library, get a green checkmark and close the box... then when I'd open the box again, I'd get a red X... I later found a posting that indicated this was a problem with Samba mounts and Eclipse, and when I copied everything to the local disk, it worked fine.)

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