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Is there any tool like Reload Player for 1.2 to test my scorm 2004 course. I know there exists ADL and SCORM Test Track ADL : Takes a lot of time for installation Test Track: Take a lot of time uploading course when the file size is huge.

I am looking @ repeated testing and would prefere desktop installation. Any idea?. Currently i dont have access to SCORM 2004 LMS.

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It's not perfect but for first-pass quick testing and troubleshooting I've been using the SCORM 2004 wrapper written by Claude Ostyn.

You can find it at: http://www.ostyn.com/standards/scorm/samples/scorm2004testwrapwrap.htm

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To my knowledge, Moodle doesn't support SCORM 2004 yet.

If you're interested, we (Rustici Software), sell licensed editions of SCORM Test Track that can be installed locally. More info at http://scorm.com/scorm-solved/test-track/test-track-licensing/

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Yes Mike. I realised when I started testing. Will check with my manager. We would definitely need one as we go further. –  Lakshmi Nov 19 '09 at 8:56

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