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I am using EclipseLink JPA to connect to vertica database and fetch results. Before running the below piece of code EntityManager em = ... Query q = em.createQuery ("SELECT x FROM Table x"); List results = q.getResultList ();

I need to first run the "SET ROLES ALL" statement for the user id. How to run such statements in JPA.

Please guide me.

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for Vertica, you can do two things:

  1. set your default role for the user:

    alter user myuser default role myrole;
  2. use connection string property "ConnSettings" as described in the Vertica connection string docs (

    A string containing SQL statements that the JDBC driver automatically runs after it connects to the database. This property is useful to set the locale, set the schema search path, or perform other configuration that the connection requires.

    Your connection string could look like something like this:

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