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I have a thread in which I am reading a zip file with zipfile.ZipFile().read(), where I am getting a memory error.

I am aware that read() loads the entire file into memory. The size of file after unzipping is more than 100MB. I also tried with zipfile.ZipFile().open().readlines(), but it takes too much time.

Is there any way that I can read the file with speed without getting memory error?

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readlines() with no sizehint argument also reads the entire file into memory and builds a list of the lines. So it wouldn't reduce memory requirements, but rather increase them slightly. See Aya's answer. –  msw Jun 20 '13 at 19:29

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Assuming you're trying to read a zipped text file, you can treat the file-like object returned by ZipFile.open() as an iterator, and process it line-by-line...

from zipfile import ZipFile

zip = ZipFile('myzip.zip')
stream = zip.open('myfile.txt')
for line in stream:
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