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I want to create methods in order to process the actual rate of the variable into the database. Lets assume if the rate didn't change for Yesterday then keep the same rate however if changed then change the rate to the new one. And same goes for Week, 2 Weeks, and Months.

So basically what i did was that i am reading what is the rate in the database by using a query and then trying to figure out which number is greater than the other however that approach doesn't seems like its the right one.

So, can anybody please help regarding this question?

Here is what i have so far: 1) Compared Rates from Database and checked with one is greater 2) Need to figure out how to implement date checker whether if it was yesterday, 2 weeks or months

Here is the code:

    public static int compareMidPrice(){
   //SimpleDateFormat datetimeFt = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm a");
        Connection connection = checker();
       Statement stmt = null;
              stmt = connection.createStatement();
             String queryDate ="select mid_price from FAKEDATA.VW_CMA_PRICE where number= 'US02666RAM34' and     price_type='Cash' order by business_date desc ";

 ResultSet resulset  = stmt.executeQuery(queryDate);

  ResultSetMetaData md = resulset.getMetaData();

     int columns = md.getColumnCount();


     //HashMap<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>(columns);


     for(int i = 1; i<=columns;i++){
        // map.put(md.getColumnName(i), resulset.getObject(i));
         long mid1 = resulset.getLong(i);
         long mid2 = resulset.getLong(i);

         if(mid1 != mid2)
             return (mid1<mid2 ? -1:1);
         //System.out.print("The result is: " +  mid1) ;
      return Double.compare(resulset.getDouble(i),resulset.getDouble(i));
     //System.out.print("\n"+ map);

      stmt.close(); connection.close();
   }catch(SQLException e){
      System.out.print(" " +e.getMessage());
   return 0; 
    // System.out.print(" " + sqlDate); 

Your help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks

You posted this question in the wrong place; it goes on Stack Overflow. But I gotta be honest; I'm not fond of these kinds of "paste some code, get an answer" questions. "What's wrong with my code?" We don't know; you haven't given us much to go on, and the question (and it's answer) will never benefit anyone else, because it is too specific to your particular situation. –  Robert Harvey Jun 20 '13 at 16:49
I don't understand your problem description so I can't help you achieve the desired result. But there is something fundamentally wrong with the code. You are selecting exactly 1 column, so there is no need to loop over 1 column. Variables mid1 and mid2 are assigned the same value which makes no sense. –  mike Jun 20 '13 at 17:10
You have a for() loop, but it always returns at the end of the first iteration. So, the loop is useless. This indicates you want to do something that your code does not do. Also, you are comparing a value to itself: getLong(i) will always be the same as getLong(i) in your example. You need to provide some info on your table layout, and a slightly better problem-description. –  Darius X. Jun 20 '13 at 18:30
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