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I am having trouble targeting all parents that have a specific class set.

If I click on george michael, I want to, say, change the color of the <p> tag containing "michael" and "george sr".

Below is dummy html and the jQuery that failed.

<li><div class="leaf"><p>george sr</p></div>
    <li><div class="leaf"><p>michael</p></div>
            <li><div class="leaf"><p>george michael</p></div></li>
    <li><div class="leaf"><p>gob</p></div>
            <li><div class="leaf"><p>steve holt</p></div></li>
    <li><div class="leaf"><p>lindsay</p></div>
            <li><div class="leaf"><p>maeby</p></div></li>

I tried to do:

$(document).on("click", '.leaf', function() {

edit request: also, can someone explain why the above jquery does not work?

Please help :)

for your use:

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Your code doesn't work because the leaf divs aren't ancestors of each other, they're siblings to the uls that contain other leaf divs. Your code should work if you give the leaf class directly to the lis instead. – freejosh Jun 21 '13 at 20:10

like this :

$(document).on("click", '.leaf', function () {
    $(this).closest('li').parents('li').find('> .leaf > p').css('color', 'red');


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What you did works, but I found a better method, which I'm going to use. Thank you! – Jacob Raccuia Jun 22 '13 at 23:23

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