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I want to get the file name in a given path is there any apis available . My programming environment is vc++ mfc

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You should look at FindFirstFile and FindNextFile, or MFC's wrapper for them, CFileFind.

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Boost has a great platform independent filesystem library. It'll work with MFC.

Here's an example from their reference:

#include <iostream>
#include <filesystem>

using std::tr2::sys;
using std::cout;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  std::string p(argc <= 1 ? "." : argv[1]);

  if (is_directory(p))
    for (directory_iterator itr(p); itr!=directory_iterator(); ++itr)
      cout << itr->path().filename() << ' '; // display filename only
      if (is_regular_file(itr->status())) cout << " [" << file_size(itr->path()) << ']';
      cout << '\n';
  else cout << (exists(p) ? "Found: " : "Not found: ") << p << '\n';

  return 0;
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You can also use MFC: CFileFind

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You'll find an implementation here.

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There is also CListBox::Dir. It's very convenient if you want to fill a list box with file names.

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