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I'm trying to have my windows application send a message to two msn messenger accounts. So, I grabbed the code from the MSNPSharp library and had a look in that.

I can authenticate/sign in without a problem. But once i've done that, I have no idea how to send a simple text message to two other users.

Do those users need to be approved ?

Can someone help me please - maybe show some sample code?

cheers :)

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Looking through the example code from the conversation form may help:

There is a Conversation object that you use to send the message. As soon as I get some more time I'll whip up an example.

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Yeah. This is the hard bit. A conversation requires a contact. I don't know how to make a contact :( If my msn account username is : SomeName@SomeDomain.com ... then how do i add that contact, to send the message? I've figured the rest out a few days ago .. ... –  Pure.Krome Nov 17 '09 at 3:15
(and welcome to Stack Overflow, Chris :) –  Pure.Krome Nov 17 '09 at 3:16
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