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How do I put the records from the random access file into the array allRecs[10]?

/*Reading a random access file and put records into an array*/
#include <stdio.h>

/*  somestruct structure definition */
struct somestruct{
    char namn[20];
    int artNr;
}; /*end structure somestructure*/

int main (void) {
    int i = 0;
    FILE *file;	/* DATA.dat file pointer */
    /* create data with default information */
    struct somestruct rec = {"", 0};
    struct somestruct allRecs[10]; /*here we can store all the records from the file*/
    /* opens the file; exits it file cannot be opened */
    if((file = fopen( "DATA.dat", "rb")) == NULL) {
    	printf("File couldn't be opened\n");
    else { 
    	printf("%-16s%-6s\n", "Name", "Number");
    	/* read all records from file (until eof) */
    	while ( !feof( file) ) { 
    		fread(&rec, sizeof(struct somestruct), 1, file);
    		/* display record */
    		printf("%-16s%-6d\n", rec.namn, rec.artNr);
    		allRecs[i].namn = /* HOW TO PUT NAME FOR THIS RECORD IN THE STRUCTARRAY allRecs? */
    		allRecs[i].artNr = /* HOW TO PUT NUMBER FOR THIS RECORD IN THE STRUCTARRAY allRecs? */
    	}/* end while*/
    	fclose(file); /* close the file*/
    }/* end else */
    return 0; 
}/* end main */
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Homework? If so, please tag it as such. – shank Nov 12 '09 at 13:53
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Two ways immediately come to mind. First, you can simply assign, like this:

allRecs[i] = rec;

But, judging by your code, you don't even need that - you can simply read directly in the appropriate element:

fread(&allRecs[i], sizeof(struct somestruct), 1, file);
/* display record */
printf("%-16s%-6d\n", allRecs[i].namn, allRecs[i].artNr);

By the way - are you sure that the file will never contain more than 10 records? Because if it does, you'll get into a lot of trouble this way...

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No I'm not sure the how do you make it dynamic? – Chris_45 Nov 12 '09 at 14:17

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