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This is my FLUID resposnive DIV:

<div class="kamil_test"></div>

and its for example 438px height in standard view when i resize window its for example 300px etc. everything works perfect but i need to have width="something" in this div

so my div in begining have to look like that

<div class="kamil_test" style="height: 438px;">

and when i resize window var inside height have to dynamicly change proportionaly to width which is 100% i need have height in px

when i type jquery script like this its only generate width after full render but dont refresh it.

$(".kamil_test").css("height", "+=0");

how to make it refreshable while resizeing page???

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Create a function to adjust your div size, and call when resize the window.


function adjust(){
    var maxW=window.innerWidth,
    afterHeight = //your operation to obtain height,
    afterWidth = //your operation to obtain width

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You can use max-height property.

max-height/max-width will restrict the div's height/width to max of the specified value. If you specify your actual height/width relative to the parent element/Window size then it will re-size accordingly.

Try the below.

<div class="kamil_test" style="max-height: 438px;height: 100%;">
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