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maybe this is stupid question, but how to retrieve comments and their replies (last 50) from Facebook profile page? For example: api.get_connections("depechemode","posts") (or feed) give me only comments. Do I really have to create another request for every comment to get its replies? Is there better way to obtain all responses (comments + replies) from posts?

I tried FQL with "googled" examples, but without success...

UPDATE: I can get comments+replies from post with api.get_connections(post_id,"comments", :filter="stream") but is there any other option? It will be nice to get posts+comments+replies with one request...

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I'll answer to myself:

graph.get_connections("askdotcom", "posts", :fields=>"message,id,created_time,comments.fields(comments.fields(from,message),message,from),from")

Just had to play with Graph API Explorer

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this works with me too.but it returns the data in array containing nested hash. how can i retrive the message and its respective comments only? – Ccr Nov 4 '15 at 17:07

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