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We're testing Node.js performance and have a basic memcached (using https://github.com/elbart/node-memcache) hello world with no frameworks, running on a single thread on an AWS medium instance.

A single hit (when profiling) shows memcached returns in 2-4 milliseoncds. But as we ramp up we even hit 200 concurrent connections and memcached returns in 30-50 milliseconds.

While running the test we can hit memcache from another server and it's still responding in 2-4 milliseconds which tells us the bottleneck is on the node side.

We stepped the server up to Large & Xlarge (but still staying single threaded) and got the same results.

We tried this driver https://github.com/3rd-Eden/node-memcached as well but performance was worse (something to maybe do with crypto functions?)

Does this performance sound normal? We expected to see much better performance

var http        = require('http');
var env         = process.env.NODE_ENV.toLowerCase();
var memcache    = require('./lib/Memcache');

// Initialize
var config = extend({}, require(__dirname + '/config/main.json'), require(__dirname + '/config/env/' + env + '.json'));

var server = http.createServer(function (req, res) {  

        switch(req.url) {
            case '/favicon.ico': 
            case '/healthcheck':
            case '/test':                   
                memcache.get(1, function(result) {
                    if (result) 
                        return res.end(JSON.stringify(result));

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