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Using uiautomator for Android I am able to set text in a text field but not able to then close the keyboard. With some phones when in lanscape mode the keyboard takes up the whole screen and 'Done' must be tapped to get out of that view. If I can suppress the keyboard then I can run uiautomator in both landscape and portrait without issue.

new UiObject(new UiSelector().text("Enter Text")).click();
new UiObject(new UiSelector().className("android.widget.EditText").instance(0)).setText("sample text");

// This is where I need to suppress the keyboard to view the app instead of just the keyboard itself.

new UiObject(new UiSelector().text("Submit")).click();

Thanks in advance.

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What is your question though? –  verybadalloc Jun 20 '13 at 20:54
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Normally clicking the Back-key will dismiss the keyboard.

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This works except for cases when the app in portrait mode and the keyboard does not need 'done' to be tapped. So I made a special case for landscape only. –  Daniel Jul 23 '13 at 22:53
is there any intelligent solution? ie. one that involves checking whether the keyboard is shown, whether it obstructs a button to be clicked etc. –  user1050755 Apr 5 at 17:38
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Try DummyIME and run the uiautomator tool with -e disable_ime true option. DummyIME resides in Android git repository.

  1. Clone source code of DummyIME:

    git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/frameworks/testing
  2. Build and install DummyIME (You may change android-18):

    cd testing/uiautomator/utils/DummyIME
    android update project -p . -t android-18
    ant clean debug install
  3. Run your tests using the uiautomator framework with -e disable_ime true option.

    adb shell uiautomator runtest <JARS> -e disable_ime true -c <CLASSES> 

Note that you must restore settings of the default IME in your tested device because it is automatically changed into DummyIME after running the test.

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