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I'm setting up a remote action, but I want to specify the authoring template. How do I find the atid (or Authoring Template ID)?

Here's the example int he docs: [plugin:RemoteAction action="new" type="" atid="ID1"]

Here's a link to the docs:

Name doesn't work, it's looking for an object ID (I think). I tried digging through a WCM data export and I tried following the HTTP requests when accessing authoring templates, but I just can't figure out how to get that ID. Am I making this more complex than it is? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I moved the specific elements I needed to get a UUID for and put them in a new library. Then I exported that library by itself and used grep to find references to the Authoring Template and Sie Area I needed. That did the trick. -p

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If you don't provide the AT id in the remote action call, the URL will direct you to a page with a list of AT's. On that page, if you firebug/inspect element by clicking that specific AT, you'll see its ID in the HTML.

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