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i´m not able to sort a list of Objects by a Date in descedent order

lets say this is my Class Thing

class Thing {

Profil profil
String status = 'ready'
Date dtCreated = new Date()

inside the method i´m creating the List things

            List profiles = profil.xyz?.collect { Profil.collection.findOne(_id:it) }

            List things = []

and then i populate the list with each associated Thing of each profile

            profiles.each() { profile,i ->
                if(profile) {
                    things += Thing.findAllByProfilAndStatus(profile, "ready", [sort: 'dtCreated', order: 'desc']) as 

alright, now things has a lot of things in it, unfortunatly the [order: 'desc'] was applied to each set of things and i need to sort the whole list by dtCreated, that works wonderfull like


Fine, now all the things are sorted by date but in the wrong order, the most recent thing is the last thing in the list

so i need to sort in the opposite direction, i didn´t find anything on the web that brang me forward, tryed stuff like

            things.sort{-it.dtCreated} //doesnt work
            things.sort{it.dtCreated}.reverse() //has no effect

and i´m not finding any groovy approach for such a standard operation, maybe someone has a hint how i can sort my things by date in descedant order ? there must be something like orm i used above [sort: 'dtCreated', order: 'desc'] or isn´t it ?

for any hint thanks in advance

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Instead of


you might try

things.sort{a,b-> b.dtCreated<=>a.dtCreated}

reverse() does nothing because it creates a new list instead of mutating the existing one.


should work

things = things.reverse()

as well.

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thank you so much, the first one woorks great for me, i tryed things.reverse() before, not working for my case but things.reverse(true) is working thanks –  john Smith Jun 20 '13 at 21:46

How about


Look here for some more useful list utilities

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