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My attempt to Redis pipeline in perl, using, Is this correct approach? Snipped of code below:

my $redis = Redis->new(server => '', reconnect => 60);
foreach my $key (keys %hval) {
    my $ok = $redis->zadd($key, $hval{ $key }, &process); 

sub process {
    my ($reply, $error) = @_;
    my $cr = sub {
        my ($r, $e) = @_;
        if ($e) {
            warn Dumper('Redis pipelining crapped out', $e);

Have you tried this before? I looked around but could not found any suitable example, Please let me know. I am using all required module and this code is for here only. Actual code is much complex? Thanks in advance.

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what is %hval ? – hwnd Jun 20 '13 at 22:25
@JasonGray forgot to use keys. Its just an hash in example. My question is geared towards understanding pipeline in perl. – NullException Jun 20 '13 at 22:33
Don't you need a ` \ ` in front of \&process in the zadd() so you are passing a reference to the subroutine instead of calling it? Fixed line: my $ok = $redis->zadd($key, $hval{ $key }, \&process); – chicks Aug 1 '15 at 2:23
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Here is an example:

use Redis;

my $redis = Redis->new(server => '', reconnect => 60);
my %hval = ( 'foo', 1, 'bar', 2, 'foobar', 3 );

foreach my $key (keys %hval) {
    my $ok = $redis->zadd("myzset", $hval{ $key }, $key, sub {
        my ($reply, $error) = @_;
        print "Returned $reply with error = [$error]\n" ;
print "Waiting replies ...\n";

Please note that:

  • a wait_all_responses clause is required to put a synchronization point with the server.

  • zadd requires 3 parameters (zset name, score, key) in that order

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Thanks you. I did exactly same way. Though late, your answer matches mine and answer accepted. – NullException Jun 21 '13 at 20:20

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