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Referencing: SET user defined variable in mysql return null?

I tested the following code:

SET @rank=0;
SELECT *, @rank:=@rank+1 AS rank FROM points

For points in PhpMyAdmin it returns:

id | user_id | points | rank
2  | 133845  | 220    | 1
4  | 134084  | 220    | 2
5  |      1  | 150    | 3
7  | 134086  | 145    | 4

HOWEVER in SQLYog all the ranks return as "NULL" I checked my configs and set timeout to 28800 seconds and turned off compression protocol. MySQL seems to stay on one single session but SQLYog seems to be using two connections for this query. How can I set the application to one single connection so I don't lose the variable values?

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did you use the "Execute all statements" command? I tried it here and it works fine. Also you can create a post at for further assistance. –  Jan S Jun 21 '13 at 10:32
I get the same buggy behaviour on SQLyog (v11). Here is how to reproduce it: <code>SET \@year := 2014; SELECT \@year as Year;</code> The Year will return NULL. –  userfuser Apr 22 at 8:53
About my comment above - just remove the "\" sign from "\@year". –  userfuser Apr 22 at 9:32

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