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I've configured the following component binding in my mule app.

<jersey:resources doc:name="REST">
            <spring-object bean="activityController"/>
            <binding interface="edu.ucdavis.edustream.esb.activity.service.EduStreamService" method="putActivity">
                <vm:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response"
                        path="putActivity" />

It builds and runs without error, but the mule xml lists the following errors:

Element: Binding Properties is not allowed to be child of element Java
Element: VM is not allowed to be child of element Binding Properties

My config is very similar to that found in the following blog and accompanying github src:

http://blogs.mulesoft.org/mule-component-bindings/ https://github.com/mulesoft/blog/tree/master/StockStats

Any ideas why the mule app xml schema validation is failing?

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That's a problem in the MuleStudio validation itself, which lacks the support for bindings still. You can ignore that for the time being until it gets fixed.

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This is still an issue in 3.6. Do you happen to know if there any plan to make this kind of component binding valid in AnyPoint Studio in the future? –  GarySharpe Feb 25 at 19:58

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