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I would like to retrieve the nth sequence (or preferably nth to mth sequence) from a input fasta file, ideally with a unix "one-liner".

I know I could read the sequence with perl (or any other scripting language), count, and then print the sequence, but I'm looking for something faster and more compact.

For those unaware, a sample fasta file looks like the following:

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.....who is n ? – Endoro Jun 20 '13 at 22:43
Can you please update the question to reflect precisely what you are looking for? Something like this is my desired output and this is what I have tried. – jaypal singh Jun 20 '13 at 22:54
@Endoro Sorry if that was unclear. If I have 10 sequences in the fasta file and want to retrieve the 5th one, then n would be 5. I would need the header (which starts with >) and the lines below it until the next >, which marks the next sequence. Does that help? – saladi Jun 20 '13 at 22:56
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One way with awk:

awk -v RS='>' -v start=$n -v end=$m 'NR>=(start+1)&&NR<=(end+1){print ">"$0}' fasta_file
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Here are two ways using awk.

If your sequences are wrapped 1 per line, this would work:

awk -v n=5 -v m=8 'NR == n * 2 - 1, NR == m * 2' file.fa

If your sequence lines aren't wrapped, then this may be more appropriate:

awk -v n=5 -v m=8 '/^>/ { c++ } c == n { f=1 } c == m + 1 { f=0 } f' file.fa
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With sed:

sed -n '/SEQUENCE_'$n'/,/SEQUENCE_'$(($m + 1))'/p' input | sed '$d'
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one liner (no pipe | needed):

sed '/>SEQUENCE_'$n'/, />SEQUENCE_'$(($m + 1))'/!d;{/>SEQUENCE_'$(($m + 1))'/d}' file
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