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Had a brief scan at the source code, not sure what's the best practice for this.

For example, say I have a page object 'DummyPage', which has two panel elements TopPanel and BottomPanel. Each of the panel has some elements, which are found by TopPanel.FindElement() instead of driver.FindElement(). How to apply Page Factory for this?

I'm aware of that PageFactory.InitElements(ISearchContext, Object) takes in ISearchContext, however, I'm not sure how can I use it for the page and the panel elements in one class.

public class DummyPage {

    private IWebDriver driver;

    public DummyPage(IWebDriver driver) {
        this.driver = driver;

    public IList<IWebElement> DummyLinks {
        get { return driver.FindElements(By.CssSelector(".some-dummy-links")); }

    public IWebElement TopPanel {
        get { return driver.FindElement(By.Id("top-panel")); }

    public IWebElement BottomPanel {
        get { return driver.FindElement(By.Id("bottom-panel")); }

    public IWebElement FooInTopPanel {
        get { return TopPanel.FindElement(By.CssSelector(".something")); }

    public IWebElement FooInBottomPanel {
        get { return BottomPanel.FindElement(By.CssSelector(".something")); }

public class DummyPageWithPageFactory {

    public DummyPageWithPageFactory(IWebDriver driver) {
        PageFactory.InitElements(driver, this);

    [FindsBy(How = How.CssSelector, Using = ".some-dummy-links")]
    public IList<IWebElement> DummyLinks { get; private set; }

    [FindsBy(How = How.Id, Using = "top-panel")]
    public IWebElement TopPanel { get; private set; }

    [FindsBy(How = How.Id, Using = "bottom-panel")]
    public IWebElement BottomPanel { get; private set; }

    //public IWebElement FooInTopPanel { get; private set; }
    //public IWebElement FooInBottomPanel { get; private set; }

If I use driver.FindElement() for all instances and concatenate all locators, I might be facing another situation, that all locators are too long and I can't use variables within the C# attributes.

[FindsBy(How = How.CssSelector, Using = "#top-panel .blah .blah .super-long-blah .something")]
[FindsBy(How = How.CssSelector, Using = "#top-panel .blah .blah .super-long-blah .something-new")]
[FindsBy(How = How.CssSelector, Using = "#bottom-panel .blah .blah .super-long-blah .something")]
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There is a ByChained class available that will allow you to chain your Bys. Not sure if this is what you are looking for and I'm not sure of the C# syntax (although I know it is in there) as I'm a Java person. Hopefully a useful pointer if nothing else. –  Ardesco Jun 21 '13 at 5:40
@Ardesco: Yes, I'm aware of that class, however, I reckon the usage of ByChained looks like driver.FindElement(new ByChained(By.Id("top-panel"), By.ClassName("something")));, which I'm not sure how is this gonna help "Page Factory". But indeed, this class is in PageObjects namespace and this question is kind of language specific. –  Yi Zeng Jun 21 '13 at 7:08
In Java world you can do @FindBys(@FindBy("locator1"), @FindBy("locator2")). I assume there is similar syntax for the .NET bindings as ByChained was brought in as part of the page factory code in Java. I admit I'm making a lot of assumptions here and assuming that the .NET bindings are broadly similar to the Java ones. –  Ardesco Jun 21 '13 at 7:28
@Ardesco: Yeah, I see the difference here. Java's @FindBys allows By params, while I need find something similar to put inside C# [FindsBy()]. I noticed it allows CustomFinderType, however, looks like I need create my own class inheriting Byin that case, and it takes in string, which is not helping me shorten the locator. Thanks mate btw. –  Yi Zeng Jun 21 '13 at 7:54
Is elements getting from TopPanel.FindElement() and BottomPanel.FindElement() is fixed? –  Anand Somani Jun 21 '13 at 10:50

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