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For some of the web links on our page, there are external links which direct the user to say Facebook and Twitter. The links use the HMTL tag target="_blank" so that a new browser tab is opened for our Twitter page.

I would like to verify 1. the new browser tab is open, 2. set focus to it and 3. validate page elements in the new browser tab. The #3 part would be easy enough, once I get focus on it. Tasks #1 and #2 though, I can't figure out, nor can I find anyone talking about this.

Using Selenium2Library (WebDriver)

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Selenium does not support tabs (as of June 2013, Selenium 2.33.0) and always opens new windows instead. If your test opens a new tab, good luck to you.

That said, if it correctly opens a new window, use Select Window.

Select Window | url=

My working WebDriver (2.33.0) code in Java, hopefully it will help a little. The problems you are describing are where my Robot knowledge begins to fall off.

public void targetBlankLinkTest() {
    // load the website and make sure only one window is opened
    assertEquals(1, driver.getWindowHandles().size());

    // click the link and assert that a new window has been opened      
    driver.findElement(By.linkText("Follow us on Twitter!")).click();
    Set<String> windowHandles = driver.getWindowHandles();
    assertEquals(2, windowHandles.size());

    // switch to the new window and do whatever you like
    // (Java doesn't have Switch Window functionality that can select by URL.
    // I could write it, but have been using this trick instead)
    for (String handle : windowHandles) {
        if (handle != driver.getWindowHandle()) {
    assertThat(driver.getCurrentUrl(), containsString(""));
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Thanks, Slanec. But, is there any method for at least verifying a new browser tab was opened? – Dave Jun 21 '13 at 18:29
@Dave The closest you can get is Get Window Identifiers which will return one more value after the window has been opened. I use it's Java counterpart all the time for this purpose. – Slanec Jun 21 '13 at 18:44
... or simply do the Select Window method and validate something in it (Title Should Be?) and if it fails, it has not been opened. – Slanec Jun 21 '13 at 21:40
Tried using Select Window , it did not work. Going to look at Get Window Identifiers and see if I can get that to pull it off. – Dave Jun 21 '13 at 22:02
@Dave Interesting. I have written pure WebDriver code that works for me, so I'll edit it into the answer so you can mimic it using your equivalent methods. I know you're using Robot Framework, but frankly, it doesn't seem likely anyone will show up and help, so at least something is better than nothing :(... – Slanec Jun 22 '13 at 7:48

I recommend:

1. First, acquire new window handle by using the switchTo() method.
2. Then bring that window into focus using a JavaScriptExecutor:
   ((JavascriptExecutor) myTestDriver).executeScript("window.focus();");
   Using switchTo() without a javascript executor to get focus , is not 
   very reliable in my opinion.
3.  Next, do what you need to do in that window.
4. Use driver.close() to close that window.
5.  Verify you are back at the parent window with focus.
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