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I need to find the items that exist in table A but not in table B. Now that would be really simple in MySQL doing a join like this

select * from A 
left join B on A.key=B.key 
where B.key is null

However for some reason this is not working in MSSQL. I have created the query without the where clause to see all the results and I only see matches, not null values. Do you have any idea why this is not working?

I know I can alternatively use "when not exists" but I want to know the reason as to why with a join is not working.

I am adding the code for your review

select Absences.CustomerID, b.* 
from (
    select * from openquery(JUAN_INTERFACE,'select cmp_wwn from Planet_Customers where   i_outcome =4')) b 
left join Absences on Absences.CustomerID = b.cmp_wwn 
where Absences.Type = 3223
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Your where clause is filtering out null values:

where Absences.Type = 3223

You are left-joining from the openquery subquery to Absences; and then filtering only rows that have a specific (non-null) value in an Absences column.

Did you mean to join the other way around, from Absenses to openquery?

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crap! you are right! my mistake. after seeing the same query so many times you loose the bolts! –  user2507240 Jun 21 '13 at 0:36

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