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We are seeing the following error when loading a JSON record into Big Query via the load command:

BigQuery error in load operation: Error processing job 'job_d727bf8944884b20b709ded2887b7a13': flat value specified for record field Failure details:

  • Unexpected. Please try again.
  • Row larger than the maximum allowed size

The record in question appears to be well under the maximum allowed size for JSON and is well-formed. The schema for the table uses a nested record, but neither the format of the log nor the schema has recently changed, so it's unclear why this error is suddenly occurring.


We usually run the load operation with a --max_bad_records param so that it will skip the few badly formed records that might exist. I tried re-loading the file you specified was the source of the failure individually, and it seems to have succeeded this time with no errors, both with and without max_bad_records defined.

bq load --max_bad_records 20 --source_format NEWLINE_DELIMITED_JSON telemetry_data_2013_06_20 "gs:/.../2013-06-12-01/ip-10-144-3-198.log"

Here are the job ids:


Why did this file succeed this time around?

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According to the logs we have access to, it looks like there is a repeated entry in your load job that is simply ":", without any additional data.

It's possible that there is an issue in BigQuery that, in some cases, sets the single record size limit to 2 MB rather than the advertised 16MB. Can you confirm that the line that throws the "Row larger than the maximum allowed size" response is under 2Mb?

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FYI we have a support ticket open for this as well, in case you want to coordinate. Google Enterprise Support Case #03215215 –  Chris Gander Jun 21 '13 at 16:20
I haven't been able to locate the data error you claim above in the file in question. Can you confirm that the file name and byte offset are correct? –  Chris Gander Jun 22 '13 at 0:38

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