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In my Rails 3 app I'm uploading files directly to S3 via Jquery file upload. After the upload I update my model which saves the typical carrierwave attributes. Very similar impl. as Ryan bates railscasts 383 episode.

My next step is to create versions and thumbnails of the images and videos. I am planning on using sidekick for this post processing however I'm concerned that sidekick has to download the file from s3 in order to process -- that's about the only way it could actually work I think.

It just seems architecturally wrong to me for this download to even happen since the goal of uploading it directly to s3 is to bypass my EC2 instance altogether. Does anyone have experiences with a similar setup? One thought I had was to leverage amazon SQS for image processing and their new video transcoding for video.

Any thoughts are appreciated!!

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You have to download images to perform postprocessing, there's no way to avoid that. – Michal Szyndel Jun 21 '13 at 9:48
@Igates is there any caveats you find when doing normally i.e upload file to server => processing happen => all main versions and other version are stored in S3 . Just trying to understand you ideology over here of directly storing to S3 – Viren Jul 19 '13 at 20:00

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